Multicultural Marketing


Multicultural Marketing

Ethnic populations are growing exponentially in the U.S. but these ethnic audiences expect communications or messages meet their language and cultural needs. Our skillful multicultural professionals understand the preferences of these ethnic groups and can help deliver your message to the multicultural consumer. We help your brand, initiative, or organization engage people of all shapes, colors, and origins.

People tend to have their own cultural values and live within their cultural boundaries which influence them in the way they think, feel and act.

  • Translate and customize marketing messages to specific cultural groups
  • Development of marketing strategies for each culture group
  • Develop parameters of culturally acceptable marketing stimuli
  • Establish protocols for measuring cultural effectiveness of the stimuli.
Multicultural marketing is also complicated by the degree of mainstream cultural assimilation within ethnic groups themselves. Some segments, such as recent immigrants, may highly prefer use of their mother tongue, have limited proficiency in the local language, and be highly geographically concentrated. Other groups, such as second-generation individuals born in the new homeland, may be bicultural but have less proficiency in their parent's mother tongue and be more geographically dispersed.

An ethnic marketing strategy is developed around the values and attitudes distinctive to a particular ethnic group, and generally includes the following aspects:

  • Identification and collaboration with community leaders
  • Understand cultural differences in communication patterns, values, and behavior in the target ethnicities
  • Explore culturally acceptable/unacceptable, sensitive/insensitive advertising messages among the identified segments
  • Develop the most effective and efficient advertising tactics targeted to the identified segments
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns among different target segments.